Volvo Penta | 21631327 | D13 | ECU EDC Repair

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Volvo Penta 21631327 ECU EDC D13 | Repair Service.  Your ECU will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the same engine.


Volvo Penta 21631327 ECU EDC D13 Repair service. Your ECU EDC will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the same engine.

Volvo Penta Part Number: 21631327

Here are some important pieces of information about Volvo Penta 21631327, ECU EDC D13:

  • Functionality: The 21631327ECU ensures precise fuel injection timing and quantity, optimizing engine performance while meeting emission standards. It continuously monitors engine parameters and adjusts fuel delivery accordingly.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities: The EDC D13 has built-in diagnostic features that allow for quick identification and troubleshooting of potential issues. By connecting a compatible diagnostic tool to the ECU, technicians can retrieve fault codes, view live data, and perform advanced diagnostics.
  • Software Updates: Volvo Penta periodically releases software updates for the EDC D13 to enhance engine performance, address known issues, and improve fuel economy. It is essential to keep the ECU software up-to-date to take advantage of these improvements.
  • Wiring and Connections: Proper wiring connections are crucial for the ECU’s reliable operation. It is necessary to inspect the wiring harnesses, connectors, and terminals regularly to ensure they are clean, securely connected, and free from corrosion or damage.
  • Maintenance and Servicing: Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and optimal performance of the EDC D13. This includes changing fuel filters, replacing worn-out injectors, monitoring oil levels, and adhering to the recommended service intervals specified by Volvo Penta.

Applications :

  1. Marine Vessels: The D13 engine with the 21631327ECU can be found in various marine vessels, such as commercial shipping vessels, ferries, trawlers, and yachts. Its robust design and fuel efficiency make it suitable for both long-range cruising and demanding commercial operations.
  2. Offshore Support: The D13 engine, equipped with the EDC D13, is commonly used in offshore support vessels like supply ships, crew boats, and anchor handlers. These vessels require reliable power delivery, exceptional torque, and the ability to withstand challenging marine environments.
  3. Industrial Applications: In addition to marine applications, Volvo Penta D13 engines can also be found in power generation setups, mining equipment, and other industrial applications. The EDC D13 ensures optimal fuel consumption and performance, making it a versatile choice for various industries.

We first diagnose the unit, if it’s not repairable or no problems are found the cost is $200.

In this case, we will process a partial refund for the difference.


1-year warranty.

Common Problems:
  • 1. Faulty Sensors
  • Corroded or Loose Connections
  • Water Intrusion
  • Software Glitches or Bugs
  • Wiring Harness Problems
  •  Power Supply Issues
  • Overheating

All you need to do is ship your unit to us and we will diagnose the faults and send the fixed unit back to you free of shipping cost.

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Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience and more than 10K repaired CLUSTER, ECMs, and the latest simulation technology. we are always happy to assist you with any technical assistance we can. Feel free to contact us to discuss the faults you are experiencing before sending in your parts.

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