Mercury ECM0401| ECM555 Repair

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Mercury Mercruiser Marine ECM0401 Repair Service. Your Marine ECM will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the exact engine it came off, saving you the time & expense of having a new ECM programmed to your boat.

We first diagnose the unit; if it’s not repairable or no problems are found, it costs $220 ( shipping return cost included)


Mercury Mercruiser  Marine ECM0401 | Repair Service

Mercury Marine ECM0401, ECM0402, Repair Service. Motorola ECM555.

Your Marine ECM will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the exact engine it came off, saving you the time & expense of having a new ECM programmed to your boat.

Mercury Mercruiser Marine ECM. Mercruiser Marine Bravo. Marine Motorola ECM.

Mercury Mercruiser Marine ECM 0401 Repair

Mercury Mercruiser Marine ECM 0401 Repair

We diagnose the unit first; if it’s not repairable or no problems are found, the cost is $200 plus shipping for return.

In this case, we will process a partial refund for the difference.

ECM Part numbers:

  • ECM 0501, 865926, Motorola ECM, 8M2000443, 891952011, ECM550202
  • ECM5550202, ECM5550204, ECM0401, ECM0402, PCMBE0101, PCM0308M
  • 866191-002, 892204, 865926A01, 885640-001, 892204.
  • ECM0402, 866191002, 865926, ECM0401, 891952-034, ECM53412369.
  • Mercury: 4.7L V6 MPI, 5.0L V8 MPI, 5.7L , V8 BRAVO.
  • MerCruiser MPI 350 Mag Bravo,  Computer ECM 5550204, 2003
  • WQ022GG1, WQ00KKZ1, WQ01ZAE1, WQ00RELI, WQ01QUP1.

Another parts number:

  • M2002283, 866189-002, AAAE_0005, 8M2002289 AAA_0001_, 866191-002 AAAE_0005, 8M2002293, AAA_0001, 8M2001111
  • 866124t05, ECM Engine Control Module 350 MAG.
  • Fits 20092015, MCM 350 Mag MPI Bravo with closed cooling (s/n 1A343328‑2A455872)
  • FITS 20092015, MCM 350 – MAG MPI BRAVO – 77-879194T89
  • 745061750333


Our ECM repair service even has a one-year warranty. Our experts not only repair your ECM but also ensure that it’s built for reliability and long-lasting performance.

Lookup part number table

#Part NumberEngine
1864270-006,  864270-007, 864270T06, 864270T074.3L ALPHA
2865000-003, 865000T03, 865000T02, 865000T014.3L ALPHA FWC
3864375-3, 864375T06, 864375T054.3L BRAVO
4864271-3, 64271T3, 864271-T3, 808009A285.0L ALPHA
5864271-4, 864271T045.0L ALPHA
6864271-005, 864271-006, 864271T05, 864271T065.0L ALPHA
7865002-002, 865002T03, 865002T02, 865002T015.0L ALPHA FWC
8864376-3, 864376T35.0L BRAVO
9864376-4, 864376T045.0L BRAVO
10864376-005, 864376T06, 864376T055.0L BRAVO
11865003-1, 865003T03, 865003T02, 865003T015.0L BRAVO FWC
12864272-5, 864272T05, 864272T04, 864272T3350 Mag MIE
13864298-3,  864298T3, 864298T01350 Mag MIE
14864298-006, 864298T06, 864298T05350 Mag MIE
15864272-006, 864272T06, 864272T05350 Mag ALPHA
16864377-3, 864377T 3350 Mag BRAVO
17864377-4, 864377T04350 Mag BRAVO
18864377-005, 864377T06, 864377T05350 Mag BRAVO
19864299-006, 864299T06, 864299T05350 Mag TOW SPORT
20865155-001, 865155T06, 865155T05, 865155T04, 865155T03350 Mag BLACK SCORPION
21864300-3, 864300T 3MX 6.2L MIE
22864300-006, 864300T07, 864300T06, 864300T05MX 6.2L MIE
23864273-3, 864273T36.2L BRAVO
24864273-4, 864273T046.2L BRAVO
25864273-006, 864273T07, 864273T06, 864273T056.2L BRAVO
26865008-002, 865008T04, 865008T03, 865008T02, 865008T016.2L BRAVO
27865156-002,  865156T07, 865156T06, 865156T03, 865156T02MX6.2 BLACK SCORPION
28865364-001, 865364T02, 865364T01496 MAG BASE
29863620-003, 863620T03, 863620TA 2MIE 8.1S Horizon
30863619-2, 863619T09, 863619TA 7496 MAG HO
31865366-001, 865366T02, 865366T01496 MAG HO

About the marine Motorola Mercruiser ECM

The ECM Marine Mercruiser Motorola 0501, 865926 is a component commonly used in marine applications, specifically in boats equipped with Mercruiser engines.

ECM stands for Engine Control Module, a computerized system that controls and monitors various aspects of the engine’s performance.

The ECM manages critical functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and emissions control.

It collects data from various sensors throughout the engine, processes that information, and makes real-time adjustments to optimize its performance and efficiency.

Common Problems

This particular ECM model, manufactured by Motorola, offers advanced features and reliable performance.

It is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, including exposure to moisture, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

  • Blowing fuses
  • No communication
  • Engine shutting down
  • Fault codes in the unit
  • Intermittent faults
  • Oil intrusion
  • Water damaged
  • Injector driver faults


You only need to ship your unit to us, and we will diagnose the faults and ship the fixed unit back shipping plus.

Why trust us

Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience, more than 10K repaired ECMs, and the latest simulation technology. We are always happy to provide technical assistance. Before sending in your parts, feel free to contact us to discuss the faults you are experiencing.


ECM Engineering USA / ECM Repair USA


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