3942337 | 4954430nx Cummins ECM Marine Repair

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Cummins ECM Marine Fuel Control Module  3942337, 4954430, 3408576,  4954430NX, Cummins 4954430nx.

Your ECM will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the same engine it came off, saving you the time & expense of having a new ECM programmed to your engine.


Cummins ECM Fuel Control Module  3942337 | 4954430. Your ECM will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed for your engine.

 Cummins ECM Marine 3942337 | 4954430 |4954430nx

Cummins 3942337 ECM Marine Repair service

Part Number: 3942337 | 4954430

Other Oem Part Numbers That Will Work: 3942337, 3408576,  4954430NX, Cummins 4954430nx

What is the Cummins ECM Fuel Control Module?

The 3942337 is a specific part number for the Engine Control Module (ECM) used in Cummins marine diesel engines. ECMs are critical components in modern marine engines, responsible for monitoring and controlling various engine functions to ensure optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions compliance.


The 3942337 Cummins Marine ECM is designed for various marine engine applications within the Cummins product lineup. Specific engine models that may use this ECM include but are not limited to:

  • Cummins QSB Series (Quantum System B)
  • Cummins QSC Series (Quantum System C) | 6C8.3, QST30 CM552 6C8.3, QST30 CM552


The ECM plays a vital role in managing the performance of the marine engine. Some of its key functionalities include:

  1. Monitoring engine parameters: The ECM constantly monitors various engine parameters, such as RPM, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, and fuel pressure.
  2. Fuel Injection Control: Based on sensor inputs, the ECM regulates fuel injection timing and duration to optimize combustion and fuel efficiency.
  3. Emissions Control: It helps in meeting emission regulations by adjusting the fuel-air mixture and controlling exhaust treatment systems.
  4. Diagnostic Capabilities: The ECM stores diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to assist technicians in identifying and resolving engine issues.
  5. Protection and Safety: The ECM employs safety features to protect the engine from potentially damaging conditions, such as over-speed or overheating.


Remember, while the information provided here is general, specific procedures and recommendations may vary depending on the exact Cummins engine model and ECM version. Always refer to the official Cummins documentation and consult with qualified professionals for repair or maintenance tasks.

We first diagnose the unit; if it’s not repairable or no problems are found, it costs $200 plus return shipping.

In this case, we will process a partial refund for the difference.


Our ECM repair service even has a one-year warranty. Our experts not only repair your ECM but also ensure that it’s built for reliability and long-lasting performance.

Common Problems
  • Blowing fuses
  • No communication
  • Engine shutting down
  • Fault codes in unit
  • Intermittent faults
  • Oil intrusion 
  • Water damaged
  • Injector driver faults

All you need to do is ship your unit to us, and we will diagnose the faults and ship the fixed unit back to you free of shipping cost.

Why trust us

Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience, more than 10K repaired ECMs, and the latest simulation technology. We are always happy to provide technical assistance. Feel free to contact us to discuss the faults you are experiencing before sending in your parts.

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The Electronic Control Module (ECM) with part number 4954430NX is a crucial component in Cummins® commercial trucks and boats. It is the main control unit for the engine’s performance and efficiency. The ECM is responsible for receiving, processing, and sending electronic signals to various engine systems, such as fuel injection, ignition, timing, and emissions control. It monitors essential parameters, adjusts engine functions, and ensures optimal performance while complying with environmental regulations.

Fuel Control Module Ecm 4954430 for Cummins QST30 6C8.3 Engine

6CTA-M4 480CE Marine CM552

Engine Test Cummins Marine 6CTA 8.3

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