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ECU Test Diesel Pro

The equipment aimed at the professional modules repair area, its function is to perform tests on modules of diesel fuel injection system bench. The ECU DIESEL TEST PRO simulates the sensors and actuators of the injection system testing circuits and internal components of the modules.

It allows the connection of module management that compound the system * and it has an output for connection to diagnostic equipment of various brands.

The equipment allows the constant updating of new systems without the need of a new main module.


Our ECM repair service is even backed by a 1-year warranty. Our experts not only repair your ECM, but also ensure that it’s built for reliability and long-lasting performance.

Common Problems
  • Blowing fuses
  • No communication
  • Engine shutting down
  • Fault codes in unit
  • Intermittent faults
  • Oil intrusion
  • Water damaged
  • Injector driver faults

All you need to do is ship your unit to us and we diagnose the faults and ship the fixed unit back to you free of shipping cost.

Why trust us

Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience, more than 10K repaired ECMs and the latest simulation technology. we are always happy to assist you with any technical assistance we can. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the faults you are experiencing before sending in your parts.

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