Curve Tester Circuit Board | VRS-565 Turbo III

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Equipment Features

  • Number of channels
  • Greater precision.
  • Analysis tools
  • graphic aids
  • File Editing Features
  • file navigation
  • Reports for further documentation or analysis
  • sound guide
  • Security
  • context help
  • VeRSis Curve Bank


About the Curve Tester Circuit Board | VRS-565 Turbo III

Curve Tester Circuit Board - VRS-565 Turbo III

Efficiency in the diagnosis of defects with excellent cost-benefit.

  • The VRS-565 Turbo III is the right model for any type of electronic board, serving self-employed, small, medium and large companies in all segments such as Automotive, Industrial Electronics, Information Technology, Naval, Aviation, Refrigeration, Textile. , Graphics, etc.
  • Its special functions facilitate the testing and analysis of electronic cards, allowing faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • The VRS-565 Turbo III introduces a new culture in electronic board diagnostics, significantly increasing your lab’s productivity. The VRS-565 Turbo III is a good value for money option.
  • The VRS-565 Turbo III is a virtual instrument made up of software and an acquisition module connected to the USB of the computer.
  • The VRS-565 Turbo III locates the defect by comparing the characteristic curves of the defective card with the curves of an equally good card.
  • The user can memorize the plates, allowing the knowledge acquired to be stored in files. Creating your own curve bench, which can be used in future repairs, eliminating the need to always have a good physical board.

VeRSis has a Curve Bank with stocked plates from various areas.

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