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Your Bosch EDC7UC31 | ECM Repair will be returned fully reconditioned, tested, and ready to be installed back to the exact. We first diagnose the unit; if it’s not repairable or no problems are found, the cost is $200, and the shipping cost. In this case, we will process a partial refund for the difference.


We’ll recondition and test your Bosch EDC7UC31 ECM for your Kobelco machine. It’ll be ready to reinstall, saving you time and money on programming a new ECM.



PN: 281020048

SW: 504122542, P340VF01 gykbyg05_CX4, P340VF01 gykbyg04_CX4, : P340VF01 gykbyg04_CX4,

Vehicle manufacturer no: 32G87-31030, 32G8731030, Kobelco


Here are some important aspects and applications of the Bosch EDC7UC31 module:

The Bosch EDC7UC31 module is a common rail diesel engine control module developed by Bosch for heavy-duty applications. It is widely used in various vehicles such as trucks, buses, and off-road machinery. The module’s main function is to control the fuel injection process in the engine.

  1. Fuel Injection Control: The EDC7UC31 module is crucial in controlling the fuel injection timing and quantity. It uses inputs from various sensors to calculate the optimum fuel delivery, ensuring efficient combustion and maximum power output while meeting emission standards.
  2. Diagnostic Capabilities: The module has comprehensive diagnostic features that allow technicians to troubleshoot and identify potential issues. It provides access to real-time engine data, fault codes, and sensor readings, making diagnosing and repairing engine problems easier.
  3. Programmability: The EDC7UC31 module is programmable, allowing customization of engine parameters according to specific requirements. This flexibility enables tuning for different applications, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency based on the vehicle’s usage and operating conditions.
  4. Integrated Safety Features: The module incorporates features like engine overspeed protection, low oil pressure shutdown, and coolant temperature monitoring. These features help safeguard the engine and prevent catastrophic failures.
  5. Compliance with Emission Standards: The EDC7UC31 module is designed to meet stringent emission regulations. It employs advanced strategies like exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), and diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems to reduce harmful emissions and ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Important Note:

When it comes to repairing the Bosch EDC7UC31 module, it is crucial to have a good understanding of its internal components, communication protocols, and diagnostic tools. Proper training and access to technical resources are important for effective repair and maintenance.

We will diagnose the unit first, and if no problems are found, the cost will be $200 plus shipping.

In this case, we will process a partial refund for the difference.


A 1-year warranty even backs our ECM repair service. Our experts not only repair your ECM but also ensure that it’s built for reliability and long-lasting performance.

Common Problems

  • Blowing fuses
  • No communication
  • Engine shutting down
  • Fault codes in unit
  • Intermittent faults
  • Oil intrusion 
  • Water damaged
  • Injector driver faults

All you need to do is ship your unit to us, and we will diagnose the faults and ship the fixed unit back to you free of shipping cost.

Why trust us

Our engineering team has over 15 years of experience, more than 10K repaired ECMs, and the latest simulation technology. We are always happy to assist you with any technical assistance we can. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the faults you are experiencing before sending in your parts.

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